Tuesday, October 27, 2015

GREAF aka "Macintosh Robinson" (Albums, Mixtapes, Etc.) FREE DOWNLOAD

Note: This post is no longer updated as of June 2017

Here's the best discography I could compile of Greaf's solo material. I'm probably missing a few releases, but I've tried to put everything in chronological order by release date.

Several of Greaf's releases, especially from 2013, are available on Greaf's Bandcamp, and I've linked to them below. I will not be posting free downloads for material Greaf has for sale.

To download releases from Greaf's "surrenderdorothy" side-project with Bones, see our Bones discography.

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Greaf - Stranger (2013) (Bandcamp)
Macintosh Robinson - Macintosh Robinson (2013)
Greaf - Even Deader (2013) (Bandcamp)
Greaf - Forty Eight Hours (2013) (Bandcamp)
Greaf - Grievances (2013) (Bandcamp)
Greaf - Departure (2013) (Bandcamp)
Greaf - Normal (2013) (Bandcamp)
Greaf - It Will Destroy You (2013) (Bandcamp)
Greaf - Last Town (2013) (Bandcamp)
Greaf - Yes, I Know (2013) (Bandcamp)
Greaf - Cover Me (2013) (Bandcamp)
Greaf - Of Course It Ends, Everything Does (2013) (Bandcamp)
Greaf - Visitor (2013) (Bandcamp)
Greaf - Departure (2013) (Bandcamp)

Greaf - Ready for the House Part II (2014) (Bandcamp)
Macintosh Robinson - Whatever Happens, Happens (2014)
Greaf - Small Grievances (2014)
Greaf - Exit Strategy (Missing, please contact me if you have this release)
Greaf - Deeper Sleep (2014)
Greaf - Last City (2014)
Greaf - Not Well (2014)
Greaf - Well (2014)
Greaf - Greaf Was Here (2014)
Greaf - Very Well (2014)
Greaf - What Is This (2014)
Greaf - For Your Health (2014)
Greaf - I Can Tell You're Not From Around Here (2014)
Greaf - In Need (Missing, please contact me if you have this release)
Greaf - Undone (2014)
Greaf - Hella Caskets (Missing, please contact me if you have this release)
Macintosh Robinson - Look Alive (2014)
Greaf - Straighten Up (2014) (Bandcamp)
Greaf - I've Been Here Before (2014) (Stream)
Greaf - That's Nice (2014) (Stream)
Greaf - The Times (2014) (Bandcamp)
Greaf - Whole Again (2014)
Macintosh Robinson - Let Me Explain (2014)
Greaf - This Must Be The Place (2014)
Greaf - Later On (2014)
Greaf - Could Be Anyone (2014)
Greaf - It's The Least I Can Do (2014)
Greaf - Looks Like It (2014)
Greaf - Looking Back (2014)
Greaf - You Tell Me (2014)
Greaf - It's Not So Bad (2014)
Greaf - The Silence That Lives In Houses (2014) (Stream)
Greaf - Figure It Out, I Did (2014)
Greaf - This Is Where It Gets You (2014)
Greaf - Until Then (2014)

Greaf - If It Were Up To Me (2015)
Greaf - Still Whole (2015)
Greaf - Just Passing Through (2015)
Greaf - You'll See (2015)
Greaf - That Would Be Great (2015)
Greaf - At Your Worst (2015)
Greaf - Downer (2015)
Greaf - A New Void (2015)
Greaf - Let's Pretend This Never Happened (2015)
Greaf - I Was Never Here (2015)

From Greaf's Twitter:

Source: https://twitter.com/GREAFER/status/549688668495941632

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spooky Black aka "Corbin" Complete Discography (All Albums, Mixtapes, Singles Etc.) FREE DOWNLOAD

Spooky Black has put out a lot of music over the last few years, only to take down most of it shortly afterwards. He's also used a variety of aliases along the way: Spooky Black, Lil Spook, back to Spooky Black, and most recently Corbin. Not to mention his group project "thestand4rd" featuring Psymun, Bobby Raps and Allan Kingdom.

We tracked down everything in chronological order below, and retained the original filetypes where possible (mostly mp3's but there are a few .aiff's and one .wav in there).

If there's anything we're missing, please contact us on Twitter at @dadstheme.

Also, we haven't included Corbin - Mourn (2017) here since it's a paid release. It can be purchased via Amazon here or streamed or purchased on any of your preferred music services.

Spooky Black - FOREST (2013)
Lil Spook - Black Silk (2014)
Spooky Black - Leaving EP (2014)
TheStand4rd - TheStand4rd (2014)
Bobby Raps & Corbin - Couch Potato (2015)

Corbin - Mourn (2017) (Available to stream & purchase)

Spooky Black - B MY BOO PROD. ISAKHERMANSON (2013)
Spooky Black - PIZZA DEMON (2013)
Spooky Black - 4 U (Prod. Drip-133) [2013]
Spooky Black - Ready ft. Bobby Raps (Prod. Bobby Raps) [2014]
Spooky Black - MOTIONLESS (prod. bobby raps) [2014]
Spooky Black - alone (2014)
Spooky Black - reason (prod. doc & thestandard) [2014]
Corbin - Worn (2014)

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Calm - Calm 7" (1996)

More Calm. This one is really cool, possibly better than the Calm LP, and like the LP is also self-titled and released in 1996.

1. Arlington Sunset
2. Wild and Free
3. Sign Crushes Motorist
4. The Vacancy

Calm - Calm 7" (1996)

Album art:



Saturday, April 25, 2015

Calm - Calm (1996)

Members of Calm went on to form groups like Mohinder, Duster, Eifuawn, Helvetia and Screaming Trees, all favorites of ours except for Eifuawn who we haven't heard yet.

The band's entire recorded output consists of this self-titled release (their only LP), and a couple 7"'s (one also titled "Calm" and another, "Moonraker"), all released in 1996.

Please note the video above plays the record B-side first for whatever reason, and about 20% faster than it should.

1. We've Made a Contact but Worship Silent I Make a Whisper I Am a Sinner
2. Slide the Needle in Under Blue Skin I Took a Picture So I Still Can Burn You
3. The Spirits Fall upon the Wheel to Turn the Spokes with Angel Grace When I Am Gone with Broken Wings the Spirits Fall to Take My Place
4. Demons Reloading Such a Beautiful Disease Trigger Pull this Trigger
5. Silk Wrapped Hands in a Masquerade Even When Things Are Picture Blue I Keep It under My Pillow Now Just in Case Theres Nothing Left to Do Outrun Myself
6. Be Still / We Will Live Like Thunder

Calm - Calm (1996)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

V-3 - Photograph Burns (1996)

Another Jim Shepard recording, this one his most celebrated release, an LP titled "Photograph Burns" with the band V-3. A classic rock & roll record. I picked four standout tracks and made a YouTube playlist above. Full album download below!

V-3 - Photograph Burns (1996)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Jim Shepard - The Evil Twin (1996)

Jim Shepard is sort of lo-fi legend in Columbus, Ohio to those who know him. Recognized by musicians like Thurston Moore, Robert Pollard, and David Bowie (Shepard was featured on Pollard's first solo album Not in My Airforce), he recorded constantly throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s, both as a solo act and with his bands Vertical Slit, Phantom Limb, V-3 and Ego Summit.

Featured is Shepard's 1996 cassette-only release "The Evil Twin", scorching through its 11 tracks in just over 20 minutes. Shepard was known to put out several cassette-only releases, printing only a few copies if any at all for the public. We've heard Shepard dropped off the only available copies at local thrift shops or flea markets for few to discover. It's hard to know how much of this is true, but either way, most of Shepard's solo material is hard to find.

Some tracks are more abrasive than others, so if you want to ease in, check out "Pain/Loss", "Your Move, China Man", "Theme from 'Doll House'" and "Break Down These Walls" (tracks 2, 3, 8 and 9 respectively).

If you're looking for more Shepard material (there is a lot), Bizarro Jerry of the Obscuro! blog has posted a mega post of Jim Shepard material here: http://obscurowidr.blogspot.com/2014/03/jim-shepardvertical-slitv-3-megapost.html

Jim Shepard - The Evil Twin (1996)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Various Artists - Goar EP #11 (1995)

GOAR was a music magazine out of Germany that covered indie music in the 90's and as part of each issue they would sometimes include a 7" EP compilation like this one above, the 5-track "#11" EP including songs by our favorites The Phantom Payn and The Mountain Goats.

At thirteen minutes this is hardly a commitment. The Phantom Payn track isn't available anywhere else as far as we're aware and it's a special one as always. Long live J├╝rgen Gleue!

Cover of Goar #11: