Saturday, April 25, 2015

Calm - Calm (1996)

Members of Calm went on to form groups like Mohinder, Duster, Eifuawn, Helvetia and Screaming Trees, all favorites of ours except for Eifuawn who we haven't heard yet.

The band's entire recorded output consists of this self-titled release (their only LP), and a couple 7"'s (one also titled "Calm" and another, "Moonraker"), all released in 1996.

Please note the video above plays the record B-side first for whatever reason, and about 20% faster than it should.

1. We've Made a Contact but Worship Silent I Make a Whisper I Am a Sinner
2. Slide the Needle in Under Blue Skin I Took a Picture So I Still Can Burn You
3. The Spirits Fall upon the Wheel to Turn the Spokes with Angel Grace When I Am Gone with Broken Wings the Spirits Fall to Take My Place
4. Demons Reloading Such a Beautiful Disease Trigger Pull this Trigger
5. Silk Wrapped Hands in a Masquerade Even When Things Are Picture Blue I Keep It under My Pillow Now Just in Case Theres Nothing Left to Do Outrun Myself
6. Be Still / We Will Live Like Thunder

Calm - Calm (1996)


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