Tuesday, October 27, 2015

GREAF aka "Macintosh Robinson" (Albums, Mixtapes, Etc.) FREE DOWNLOAD

Note: This GREAF post is no longer updated as of June 2017

Here's the best discography I could compile of Greaf's solo material. I'm probably missing a few releases, but I've tried to put everything in chronological order by release date.

Several of Greaf's releases, especially from 2013, are available on Greaf's Bandcamp, and I've linked to them below. I will not be posting free downloads for material Greaf has for sale.

To download releases from Greaf's "surrenderdorothy" side-project with Bones, see our Bones discography.

Follow Greaf:

Greaf - Stranger (2013) (Bandcamp)
Macintosh Robinson - Macintosh Robinson (2013)
Greaf - Even Deader (2013) (Bandcamp)
Greaf - Forty Eight Hours (2013) (Bandcamp)
Greaf - Grievances (2013) (Bandcamp)
Greaf - Departure (2013) (Bandcamp)
Greaf - Normal (2013) (Bandcamp)
Greaf - It Will Destroy You (2013) (Bandcamp)
Greaf - Last Town (2013) (Bandcamp)
Greaf - Yes, I Know (2013) (Bandcamp)
Greaf - Cover Me (2013) (Bandcamp)
Greaf - Of Course It Ends, Everything Does (2013) (Bandcamp)
Greaf - Visitor (2013) (Bandcamp)
Greaf - Departure (2013) (Bandcamp)

Greaf - Ready for the House Part II (2014) (Bandcamp)
Macintosh Robinson - Whatever Happens, Happens (2014)
Greaf - Small Grievances (2014)
Greaf - Exit Strategy (Missing, please contact me if you have this release)
Greaf - Deeper Sleep (2014)
Greaf - Last City (2014)
Greaf - Not Well (2014)
Greaf - Well (2014)
Greaf - Greaf Was Here (2014)
Greaf - Very Well (2014)
Greaf - What Is This (2014)
Greaf - For Your Health (2014)
Greaf - I Can Tell You're Not From Around Here (2014)
Greaf - In Need (Missing, please contact me if you have this release)
Greaf - Undone (2014)
Greaf - Hella Caskets (Missing, please contact me if you have this release)
Macintosh Robinson - Look Alive (2014)
Greaf - Straighten Up (2014) (Bandcamp)
Greaf - I've Been Here Before (2014) (Stream)
Greaf - That's Nice (2014) (Stream)
Greaf - The Times (2014) (Bandcamp)
Greaf - Whole Again (2014)
Macintosh Robinson - Let Me Explain (2014)
Greaf - This Must Be The Place (2014)
Greaf - Later On (2014)
Greaf - Could Be Anyone (2014)
Greaf - It's The Least I Can Do (2014)
Greaf - Looks Like It (2014)
Greaf - Looking Back (2014)
Greaf - You Tell Me (2014)
Greaf - It's Not So Bad (2014)
Greaf - The Silence That Lives In Houses (2014) (Stream)
Greaf - Figure It Out, I Did (2014)
Greaf - This Is Where It Gets You (2014)
Greaf - Until Then (2014)

Greaf - If It Were Up To Me (2015)
Greaf - Still Whole (2015)
Greaf - Just Passing Through (2015)
Greaf - You'll See (2015)
Greaf - That Would Be Great (2015)
Greaf - At Your Worst (2015)
Greaf - Downer (2015)
Greaf - A New Void (2015)
Greaf - Let's Pretend This Never Happened (2015)
Greaf - I Was Never Here (2015)

From Greaf's Twitter:

Source: https://twitter.com/GREAFER/status/549688668495941632


  1. i have in need (at least i have 1 song @ 6 minutes)

    i don't really do twitter, so not sure how to get it to you

    1. Post a filedropper link for us, thanks in advance.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi, is 730 a full album/tape? I'm just doing full releases for this discog. There are lots of singles out there I haven't posted.

    2. ya, it's 5 tracks, 15 minutes. not sure where i grabbed it from, but it's pretty legit.

    3. tracklist: i was there (0:51) temporary (1:29) solitaire (3:05) it's not safe for you here (3:44) artificial light (5:09)

      the year on the files is 2013, but the date i got them was march 2015. i'll see if i can find a link somewhere

  3. this guy has 2 of the tracks on his soundcloud

    if you're on soulseek i can get them to you that way

  4. i keep digging into this, finding connections but no source.

    "i was there" is the instrumental of "troubled youth" from teen witch. it's also remixed on cat soup's greaf remixes album.

    "it's not safe for you here" seems to be referenced by "it's still not safe" from ready for the house 2 leftovers.

    1. Hey, thanks for the info. I tracked down the files for 730, but I'm trying to figure out where I should put in the timeline. I'm coming up with hardly anything helpful on Google.

      You said your files are tagged 2013. I'm guessing the later part of the year, only because RFTH2 came out January 2014 and Teenwitch came out in end of February/early March 2014. Also..Greaf has like three albums dated the last 10 days of 2013 and I'm not sure if 730 would come before or after those. Any ideas?

    2. ya, i'd guess late 2013, possibly after departure.

      the cat soup greaf remixes album is listed as 6/18/14 and i show teen witch as 2/25/14 and rfth2 as 1/19/14.

      i guess i'd just put it at the end of 2013 unless you find better info.

  5. http://www16.zippyshare.com/v/9DSiB5un/file.html
    taken down from greafer sc account
    it was released about 26/10/15

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  7. Thank you for sharing this as well as the Bones and Spooky Black material. Totally made my winter. Perfect music. I have been trying to hunt these down for quite a while now. If I come across any of the one's you are missing I will send them your way.

  8. I knew it was you who would save me and so you have, dadstheme thank God for you...

  9. http://www.mediafire.com/folder/32bitg2y29d1q/Greaf
    Ontop, I have a few more, need to update it.
    730, RFTH2 Leftovers, Survivor Guilt, and a few singles.

    1. Can u link me to the 730 and Survivor guilt if u have it, and thank u i got all my Greaf tapes from u!!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Did Greaf release anything in 2016? I'm tryna save everything by him that I can find

    1. Sadly no, but on insragram live he said he has new music coming 2017

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  12. So, In Need: https://mega.nz/#!srRBkSBa!q8DM8HQu4dn9mbpTDaT1EbMTT6GUfMyaDuPSSumoNso

  13. Ready For The House II from his youtube:

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