Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spooky Black aka "Corbin" Complete Discography (All Albums, Mixtapes, Singles Etc.) FREE DOWNLOAD

Spooky Black released a lot of music over the past few years, but took most of it down shortly afterwards. He had many aliases along the way: Spooky Black, Lil Spook, back to Spooky Black, and most recently Corbin. Not to mention his group project "thestand4rd" featuring Psymun, Bobby Raps and Allan Kingdom.

I tracked down all the music I could find in chronological order, and retained his original filetypes where possible (mostly mp3's but there are a few .aiff's and one .wav in there).

If there's anything I'm missing, please contact me on Twitter at @dadstheme.

Also, I haven't included Corbin - Mourn (2017) here since it's a paid release. It can be purchased via Amazon here or streamed or purchased on any of your preferred music services.

Spooky Black - FOREST (2013)
Lil Spook - Black Silk (2014)
Spooky Black - Leaving EP (2014)
TheStand4rd - TheStand4rd (2014)
Bobby Raps & Corbin - Couch Potato (2015)

Corbin - Mourn (2017) (Available to stream & purchase)

Spooky Black - B MY BOO PROD. ISAKHERMANSON (2013)
Spooky Black - PIZZA DEMON (2013)
Spooky Black - 4 U (Prod. Drip-133) [2013]
Spooky Black - Ready ft. Bobby Raps (Prod. Bobby Raps) [2014]
Spooky Black - MOTIONLESS (prod. bobby raps) [2014]
Spooky Black - alone (2014)
Spooky Black - reason (prod. doc & thestandard) [2014]
Corbin - Worn (2014)
Corbin - Mourn (2016) (2019)

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  1. yo, can you supply a download of "already dead" and "sequenceofignorantsuicidallyrics" please? really would appreciate it.

  2. Hey, although I couldn't find an official release of "Already Dead," I did find an official release to the other track. It was posted by the producer of the song, who actually used to be one of Corbin's main producers.

    Here's the link: https://soundcloud.com/isak-hermanson/spooky-black

  3. they have it all on what.cd, a lot of it in FLAC quality too...

    1. What.CD is defunct as of November 2017 and didn't have many of the singles posted here.

  4. I fuckin love the fuck outa you right now

  5. where can i find mourn 2016?:(

    1. Just added it, thanks. Not my rip but most likely downloaded from SoundCloud by someone else.