Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Nirvana - School (Rhino Records 6/23/89)

This is "School" from an early Nirvana show at Rhino Records in Westwood, CA, just eight days after the release of their debut LP "Bleach" in June 1989.

The performance features Chad Channing on drums and Jason Everman, a temporary second guitarist whose playing wouldn't be featured on any Nirvana releases despite being pictured on the cover of Bleach and paying for most of the cost of recording it (reportedly spotting the band $500 of the ~$600 it cost them).

Kurt's vocal performance is particularly amazing and unrestrained here, especially during the "no recess" refrain of the chorus. In about two and a half year's time these guys would make it big with Nevermind.

The full 35-minute, 11-song performance is available as a playlist on YouTube here and comes highly recommended.

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