Saturday, February 22, 2014

Boards of Canada - A Few Old Tunes (1996)

This cassette, "A Few Old Tunes", was released sometime around 1996 and spans 30 tracks across two sides. Like many of BoC's early releases, legend has it only a few copies were given out among family and friends, and very few exist in the wild today.

Thankfully, a few high quality rips have surfaced in the last decade or so, and the rip I have below is the highest quality that is available as of this posting - from - a great BoC resource.

It should be noted that the download sounds considerably better than the YouTube video above, although you can still get the basic gist from it.

In our opinion this is one of the better BoC releases and required listening for fans of the group.

More info on the release (and pics of the cassette):

Download Link:
Boards of Canada - A Few Old Tunes (1996) (192 kbps mp3)


  1. Thanks, much appreciated, this is an awesome album, and makes a lot more sense than the wrongly labelled, wrongly ordered rips that one usually finds when looking for those. Thanks for the rareboc link too, that's just great.